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If you are reading this, you probably have a child (I use the term loosely) in college.  By now, your young adult has taken the big step of moving out of your home to continue her education.  You've supported your "child" in this major change!  Bless you.  Believe me, she could not have come this far in life without your support. 

Now what?  Dropping them off at the dorm with a promise of regularly putting money into the checking account doesn't seem like enough, does it?

Ongoing communication is key. Your son or daughter needs to know that he or she is still an important part of your life no matter how far away.  That's where A Gift from Home can help you stay in touch. 

College care packages show your child that you are thinking of her.  With two students in college and years of experience putting together care packages for college, trips, and camps, I have found that it's really important to send packages on a regular basis chock full of neat "mind toys," home-style treats, and fun surprises.  

A Gift from Home takes the worry out of scheduling and mailing regular care packages with a three-per-semester plan for $110 or a six-per-year plan for $210, plus special get-well, birthday, and "UR Special" packages that can be purchased individually for $39/package.  Of course, single packages and special packages may be purchased at any time for $39/package. 

To make ordering convenient for you, we've provided an ORDER PAGE where you can submit the necessary information about your student and expedite delivery of her first
A Gift from Home College Care Package.

Let A Gift from Home help you stay in touch with your student!


A Gift from Home

=Fall Semester
3 packages $110

=Spring Semester
3 packages $110

=Both Semesters
6 packages $210

=Price per individual package $39

=Special Packages $39
-UR Special
-Get Well Soon

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